NGL 3100


Project:Third-party inspection of Domestic & overseas goods Client: OIEC Year of project start: 2019

Bidboland Gas Refinery


Project: Third party technical inspection of goods and equipment of Bidboland gas refinery project and Mahshahr storage and pipelines Client: Bidboland gas refinery Year of project start:2021

Noori Petrochemical


project: Risk-based inspections in units 300 and 350 of Nouri Petrochemical Client: Noori Petrochemical Year of project start: 2021

Abadan Refinery development (ARUP)

پالایشگاه آبادان (ARUP)

Project:Abadan Refinery Upgrading Projectlnspection and Quality Control Services Client:SEI/ODCC Consortium Year of project start: 2018

Kangan Petrochemical

پتروشیمی کنگان

Project: Third party inspection of ethylene unit construction plan Client:Kangan Petro Refining Company Year of project start:2019

Kavian Petrochemical


Project: Technical inspection and construction of equipment Client: Kavian Petrochemical company Year of project start: 2021

Mapna Group


Project: Providing technical and engineering inspection services of Mapna Group Client: MAPNA group Year of Project Start:2017

North Yaran oilfield

یاران شمالی

Project:  goods Third-party inspection of north yaran oilfield Client:Persia Oil & Gas Industry Development Co Year of project start: 2020