Non- Destructive Testing (RT,PT,UT,MT,ET,TOFD,AT)

NDT is commonly used as a quality assurance practice for ensuring products compliance for welds, castings, forgings and other wrought products. It is widely used as one of the condition monitoring practices for plant and assets life assessment, reliability engineering, maintenance. Most of the NDT methods are reliable, accurate and economical. We provide various types of nondestructive testing services to suit client’s requirements.
Successful and consistent application of nondestructive testing techniques depends heavily on personnel training, experience and integrity. So we provide certified personnel according to the international codes and standards involved in application of industrial NDT methods and interpretation of results.

Some of our Non-Destructive Testing services include:Magnetic Particle Testing (MT)

  • Liquid Penetrant Testing (PT)
  • Radiographic Testing (RT)
  • Ultrasonic Testing (UT)
  • Electromagnetic Testing (ET)
  • Visual Testing (VT)
  • Acoustic Emission Testing (AE)
  • Guided Wave Testing (GW)
  • Time of Flight Diffraction (TOFD)
  • Positive material identification (PMI)


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