IRICO at a glance

Iranian Inspection Company (IRICO), a private company founded in March 2000, and directed by a group of highly experienced senior engineers and managers to provide a wide range of technical inspection services particularly in oil, gas, petrochemical and power generation industries.

Moreover, our International Network provides a rich source of competent inspectors in different countries and enables us to deliver our services worldwide.


Our commitment to IRICO Core Values as well as fulfillment of continual improvement plans have lead the company to become the fast-growing Iranian inspection firm with an unbeatable level of professionalism and client satisfaction. Those values determine the way we work, the quality we offer, and the unsurpassed treatment you get as a customer, investor or employee.

IRICO’s continued growth comes from an experienced team of professionals (e.g., managers, coordinators, inspectors) who have an absolute commitment to providing our clients with exceptional service.
In today’s highly competitive global marketplace, it is also essential that we focus on the critical drivers of our future growth. Such drivers are, but not limited to, as follows:
  • To create value through innovation
  • To extend our global reach with local focus
  • To execute with excellence in everything we do

in conclusion, Since we need a balance between focusing on the demands and opportunities of today along with the long term strategies that will pay off tomorrow, we keep one eye focused on our current reality and the other on the horizon to grow and improve.

IRICO Inspection Network

Our International Network enables us to provide our clients with prompt inspection services all around the world. The Network consists of different inspection bodies, i.e., our partners, accredited laboratories and freelance inspectors to whom we signed mutual cooperation MOUs. Applying the Network as well as our local offices and representatives, we can deliver our inspection services almost everywhere in the world.

Here is just a selection of countries where IRICO have delivered our inspection services during the last decade.

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